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The Mace Energy Method’s mission statement is:


The entrance point to a person achieving control of their life is to handle life's upsets. There is not a person in the whole world who has not had an upsets.

The actual MEM process is a series of simple mental exercises that are very easy to do, guided by a MEM Counsellor.

A major discovery of the Mace Energy Method is that, it is not what has happened to you in the past (upsets) that is important. It is ONLY the effects these things have left on you in the form of negative feelings, emotions and attitudes, that need to be deleted,for you to be in control.

The Mace Energy Method Counselling (MEM) is a fast and effective method which has been proven to eliminate anything in your personality or emotional makeup that does not feel good to you and would like to change.

This Method works on all age groups, including children, and can be used to effectively do away with the effects left behind from the upsets we experience in life which include, trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, abuse, loss, stress, phobias, addictions, relationship issues, health issues and body problems and much more.

Phone sessions are equally as effective as face-to-face. This has allowed the method to be available no matter where a person lives.

There is an important proviso that needs stating; in all cases, the client must genuinely want to change. This brings up an interesting point; no matter how skilled a MEM Counsellor and no matter how powerful the Mace Energy Method, it is impossible to change any one who does not want to change.

A fundamental truth uncovered by the research is that everything that a person experiences is their own creation and it follows that if they created then they can also dis-create it. This is expanded upon in the book but here is an important excerpt:

Feelings, emotions and attitudes are totally subjective. No one has a hypodermic syringe full of emotions or feelings, pleasant or unpleasant, with which to inject others. Therefore every emotion a person experiences is self-created, and it follows that he or she is the only one who can dis-create it.

There is however, a positive side to this. If people are totally responsible for creating their own feelings, they are also capable of eliminating any unwanted feelings provided they know how to do so. The Mace Energy Method provides this “know how”.

A necessary and important point to mention is that anything negative (non survival) although self created is created unknowingly. This is very logical when it is considered that the primal urge is Survival, so that anything, which is non-survival, cannot be knowingly created.

Clients do not have to talk about or discuss their lives and definitely do not have to talk about any harrowing experiences that are adversely affecting them, in fact are discouraged from doing so. A case in point is a lady, dealing with the effects of sexual abuse, who after many fruitless visits to conventional therapies for emotional relief, came to a Mace Energy Method Counsellor and burst into tears when told that she did not have to relate or relive the experience again.

They were of course tears of relief! All that is necessary is for clients to indicate any unwanted feeling, or any unwanted aspect of life and then the new technology does the rest, guided of course by the MEM Counsellor, unbelievable perhaps, but true. To re-enforce this aspect, after a session has been concluded, the MEM Counsellor will know practically nothing of the client’s history or personal life. Also almost unbelievable is that many clients only need a couple of sessions with a MEM Counsellor to eliminate permanently all emotional problems. Causism™ is indeed a new body of knowledge that heralds a new age of understanding!

Talking about our problems, going over them again and again can often make things worse and has no therapeutic value. Edward De Bono was correct when he said:

"Logic never changes any emotion or feeling. You can spend hours with logical argument trying to change some feeling or prejudice; you are not likely to succeed!"


Professional Recognition of MEM

Dr. Robert Roerich M.D., Research Psychiatrist wrote after adopting the Mace Energy Method procedures:


"This method advances the effective treatment of emotional illness and heralds a breakthrough of such unparalleled importance as to be worthy of a Nobel Prize"


Fred P. Gallo, PhD., author of Energy Psychology and Energy Tapping for Trauma also wrote:

"I consider the Mace Energy Method to be a major advancement in psychology, psychotherapy, and Energy Psychology. The method involves no analysis; limited discussion; no tapping, poses, gestures, bodily postures, or muscle testing; although I’ve been exploring if there is any need to integrate the method with other approaches. I believe it is a stand-alone method that relies simply on mental images and that it generally works faster and deeper than other more complicated therapeutic methods."


A graduate of the Mace Academy, Gloria Arenson, MS, MFT, DCEP, a practicing psychologist wrote:

"The Mace Energy Method looks too good to be true because of its simplicity. However, the rapid positive outcomes amaze and delight my clients. Relationships improve, negative emotions and compulsive urges disappear, and they enjoy a new sense of well-being."


Forward in John’s Book

As a psychologist and counsellor, I have long been aware that emotional trauma creates negative energy blocks in the body. But I have never found an effective procedure for ‘de-creating’ these blocks, until an extraordinary sequence of events led me to Murdoch University, where John Mace was lecturing on the theoretical principles of his revolutionary methodology.

This encounter not only led me to becoming a trained practitioner in this procedure, but it has also reinforced my belief that when you are ready to trust your intuition, people who have something important to teach you come into your life. I am so glad John came into mine.

John Mace has pursued his dream in his quest for knowledge, and in the process has developed and refined a dynamic procedure for locating and eliminating the emotional blocks associated with trauma. The concepts may initially appear revolutionary, but the process is so inclusive and interactive that the client cannot help feeling empowered by the procedure, which transforms notions of mind, body, spirit and identity into tangible realities. Tangible because the client participates at an experiential level in the process of identifying and eliminating unwanted identities using visual imagery. This unique method works rapidly and the outcomes are amazing and long term.

I am thankful for John’s dedication to the task of perfecting the Mace Energy Method and am honoured to be writing this Foreword.

Jocelyn Hardie
Registered Psychologist
BSc.Psych. Dip Counselling, Dip Ed.





All sessions come with our MEM Guarantee !

Used by trained MEM Counsellors around the world, the Mace Energy Method is a powerful tool used for emotional healing that is having remarkable effects on peoples lives. It does not involve any self-disclosure and requires only few therapy sessions, which can even be carried out over skype or the telephone..


The Mace Energy Method is a professionally endorsed / recognised complementary therapy by:IICTProfessional Member #0407092873

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