How To Discover the Real You


by John Mace


Who am I? This is a question often pondered, but the infinitely more important question, what am I? is seldom asked.


The answer to the latter is that you are a unit of human energy, the significance of which lies within the realms of science. Energy, including human energy, is indestructible, and therefore so are you. So, if you are indestructible, you are also immortal. Therefore the answer to the question is simply: you are an indestructible, immortal unit of energy with infinite potential.


But what about the question: who am I? The answer to this is that you are a composite, comprising the real you plus all the parts you play in life, all your numerous alter egos.


The real you belongs in the high aesthetic zone where happiness, integrity, enthusiasm, serenity and a sense of wellbeing are inherently normal. Operating there, a person enjoys the good things in life and his or her dreams always materialise. Any aspects of life other than these natural attributes stem from negative identities, which are best likened to masks, the masks that hide the real you and that you unknowingly wear while acting on the stage of life.


We all play many parts and, just as the actors on a stage are immersed in their characterisations, obscuring their real persona, so too is our real self obscured by the roles we play in life, roles that are far too often not played by choice. While an actor is on the stage, all that the audience sees is the character that he or she is playing. The same applies to us all, for we are identified by the roles we are playing, and it is these roles that separate or distinguish us from others. Behind these roles lurks the real you, hidden by the masks you are wearing, for that is all the roles are, masks.


We call these masks ‘identities’ because you are identified by whatever mask you are wearing, by whatever role you are playing. Our identities are of two types: positive (pro-survival) and negative (non-survival). Positive identities are knowingly created, whereas negative identities are unknowingly created during moments of upset.


Every negative aspect of our lives, each negative thought, attitude and action that impedes our ultimate happiness and effectiveness emanates from one of the negative identities that control us. The control these negative identities exert is real: the agoraphobic, who fears open spaces, is the product of a negative identity; an angry identity makes a person chronically angry; the person of low self-esteem is dramatising or acting out a low self-esteem identity; and all compulsive activity is caused by a hidden negative identity. In a nutshell, everything one does not like about one’s personality stems from a negative identity and, most importantly, can be eliminated.


Identities, whether negative or positive, fall into three categories:
• our personalities
• our activities
• our appearances

The concept of identities as separate, identifiable entities forming part of a person’s make-up breaks new ground in understanding human nature. It is no longer mind, body and spirit (energy unit), but mind, body, spirit (energy) and identities. Identities are a fourth factor in the equation of life - the missing link in understanding human behaviour - although if one were listing them in order of importance, spirit would come first.


The discovery of identities as separate entities has led to a quantum leap in the understanding of life and to the resolution of so many of life’s previously insolvable vicissitudes.
Identities are an absolute necessity for operating successfully in life. In the case of learning to drive a car, the first time people sit behind the wheel they do not have a car driver’s identity, so they create one. During that first lesson they are very conscious of everything they do. All their attention is focused on the various aspects of the mechanics of driving and once they are familiar with these controls, they are confronted with learning how to use them correctly.


Gradually, with practice, they learn how to synchronise all the necessary actions to become a competent car driver. When they are familiar with all these actions, they drive without having to give much thought to the mechanics of driving. They are then free to focus their attention on other things of more immediate interest like listening to music, talking to a companion or admiring the scenery, and to exercise the judgement required of a good driver, about speed and the car’s path on the road. When people reach this stage, they delegate mundane driving activities to the identity that has been trained. If they did not create and train that identity, they would remain perpetual novices, driving would be a laborious and attention-consuming chore and they would be a menace on any high-speed motorway.


The same process applies to all activities involving training: sewing, typing, playing football or writing. Training, or practice, is an alternative term for consolidating an identity, so that the mechanics of the activity are handed over to the identity, leaving the person free to exercise judgement. This is a natural law of existence and there are no exceptions. Every identity is created to solve some problem of our survival.
Your name is an identity: it is simply something by which you are known. Your body is an identity: it is something by which all your acquaintances recognise you. Your occupation is an identity: a person doing plumbing work is in the identity of a plumber. The words ‘you’ and ‘your’ are emphasised to establish that you are an energy unit and not one of your identities. You are separate from your identities; they are something that you own, something that you have created.


We all have innumerable identities and we all engage in numerous activities, each with its own collection of personality traits. For instance, it is the non-optimum personalities of individuals, like being perpetually angry is hardly an optimum way to live. Nor is being very shy, dishonest or overly critical of others, or any number of other similar traits. The concept of negative or non-survival identities sets up a paradox. If we create identities to aid our survival, how can we create negative identities that are non-survival? Some obvious questions accompany this paradox, for example:

  • ‘Why do we use these identities that do not enhance our survival?’
  • ‘Where do they come from?’
  • ‘Is it God punishing us?’
  • ‘Why do we not just change them if they adversely affect us?’

The most important question of all is probably:

  • ‘Why do we allow these identities to control us?’

An important aspect of this paradox of creating non-survival identities is hindsight. Hindsight is a very powerful weapon, wonderfully wise and almost infallible, but unobtainable until after the event! When given the opportunity to review the creation of their negative identities and to apply newly acquired hindsight, people always - without exception - nullify them. I speak not only from the objective reality that untold hundreds of clients have given me, but also from personal experience, subjective reality.
Non-survival or negative identities operate against the wishes of the individual concerned. They are the source of obsessivecompulsive behaviour, eating problems, irrational emotions, selfderogatory ideas; in fact, anything people feel is non-optimum in their personality and way of life. These are all activities or attitudes over which the person has lost control. Every one of them has its source in a negative identity, which is the driving force behind them and it is the identity that dictates the behaviour. The identity becomes stronger than the person who created it and so the person is out of control. How often have you heard someone say, ‘Geez, he makes me angry’? Actually, there is nothing further from the truth than that statement.


One person says or does something and a second person reacts to it by becoming angry, yet a third person in the same situation just laughs, thumbs his nose or, showing total disdain, turns and walks away. This third person was not reacting, he was responding, which highlights the vast difference in attitudes. To respond is rational and pro-survival for the individual, but to react is irrational and nonsurvival for all concerned.


The cause of the vast difference between reacting and responding to some outside effect is found in the negative identities. What is being looked at here is the nature of the personalities of the second and third people. Whatever they experience is their own creation, stemming from their own personalities and their own identities. It appears that what was done or said by the first person caused anger in the second, but the reality is that the real reason for the anger lies within the personality of the second person. Something within his own personality was triggered and he reacted with anger, but the anger and any other feelings he experienced were entirely of his own creation - a negative identity in full cry.
This discussion takes no account of what was said or done, for no matter how gross or uncalled for in the eyes of the second person, or whether his reaction was justified, it does not alter the fact that he created his reaction to it, under the influence of a negative identity.


You are ultimately responsible for everything that you experience. There is, however, a positive side to this. If people are totally responsible for creating their own feelings, they are also capable of eliminating any unwanted feelings and, in fact, have a responsibility for dis-creating them - provided they know how to do so.


There is a natural law of the universe that is carved in granite: a person will never knowingly create a negative identity. This law is accompanied by another: you are only affected by what you are unaware of. The natural urge to survive is so overwhelmingly powerful that when people locate a hidden negative identity and neutralise it, because they now know all about it and how it has affected them, they will never create it again.


The answer to all the questions people have about their shortcomings lies in the negative non-survival identities - identities that have all been unknowingly created. To introduce an optimistic tone to this writing, the method that has been researched and developed addresses and eliminates these negative identities, and in doing so puts people on a road that leads them to eventual control of their own lives.
A prerequisite to the elimination of a negative identity is, of course, that the person is made aware of its existence. The question may now arise as to why the being gives the identity any energy in the first place. The answer is that energy is an essential element in any action: no energy, no action!


Each negative feeling people experience is so deeply ingrained they assume it embodies who they are, but this is untrue. More insidious is the fact that negative identities dictating attitudes are always acted out in life. It is not that the person has a voice in his or her head saying, for example, ‘I am inferior.’ Rather, it is a sense of inferiority pervading that person from negative identities. This highlights the fundamental truth that identities are not you, rather they are something you have unknowingly acquired. Even if people know from a rational point of view that they are not inferior, if they are the victims of such a negative identity, it moulds their personality and dictates how they behave in life. For no matter how irrational from a logical and objective viewpoint, that is how they see themselves and how they live their lives.
Every conceivable negative consideration that people can have regarding themselves can be eliminated, for it is not the person but a negative identity generating the feeling.






Negative identities manifest in many ways including; low moods, lack of energy and motivation, depression, relationship problems, fears, phobias, low self esteem, lack of confidence. In short, one feels something is wrong and cannot necessarily see the cause. They oppose your own dreams, goals and purpose, producing many unwanted consequences in your life.


As a departure from conventional counselling, MEM does not involve self disclosure. With the guidance of a MEM practitioner, facilitating a series of simple mental exercises, the client effectively clears any and all adverse negative emotional elements. This leaves the client naturally happy, positive, optimistic and productive. Results are guaranteed!


MEM operates at two levels.
1. Eliminating all negative aspects of a client’s everyday life. (See mission statement above)
2. Enhancing one’s awareness of self as a Human Energy Unit. (Spiritual being)

Being in full control of one’s life produces a sense of personal calmness, but the second level produces permanent deep inner peace that is beyond words to describe. It is NEVER lost. Too good to be true you think, well think again! The age of miracles is with us.






Negative thoughts, feelings, and actions consumed my life, almost too self destruction. After trying everything to get my life back on track, I was pointed in the direction of Sherrie Hatfield and the Mace Method. After one session, I was left feeling lighter, wider awake, and standing taller than ever before. I have been able to finally eliminate the negative feelings around the concerning issues that were plaguing and running my life. I have continued forward feeling better about myself and creating happier relationships. I now have the knowledge, that I am not my negative thoughts and feelings and I do not have to live with them.
- Damien QLD


I found that in my relationships, whether it was of an intimate nature, friendships or family, my belief was, if I make everyone else happy, it would result in my happiness. I feared what everyone thought of me, so I avoided confrontation, therefore never speaking up on what was important to me. I found myself settling for less than what I deep down knew I deserved. I had felt for years that I wasn’t worthy enough of what I really wanted.

Through a series of Mace sessions with Sherrie, I was able to finally see these feelings for what they really were... Not ME... but a negative identity I had unknowingly created. I found that the inner voice telling me all the dreams I had wanted, weren’t just wishful thinking, but was the real me, trying to break through all these negative identities.

Since my sessions, I have found that I am now able to freely communicate my beliefs and my values for my relationships. I am able to approach and be more involved in my relationships. I now express my feelings, without the fear of the negative emotions that were a part of the identities. My confidence, in myself and what I want has definitely shown, and has been noticed by not only people close to me, but also by people at work and distant friends. I found me and with that came the happiness I was looking for. I am living from that naturally now, developing and creating the happy relationships I deserve.
- Sharnee, QLD


I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks for my recent telephone session. I am amazed at how my sense of absolute DESPAIR and DEPRESSION has been completely lifted and removed after your telephone session. One minute I was back in the very worst feelings in my life and half an hour later I was watching TV with my wife and feeling completely normal. Incidentally I had felt completely overwhelmed several days before I rang you and in the blackest space imaginable, thank you so much.Sincerely
- B.D., Perth


Having found my basic purpose at last has really opened up the universe for me.
It explains so much about self, why I have been doing certain actions, having certain beliefs and frustrations.
Each time I feel and look at my session with John, I find I tingle and bubble all over, cannot stop smiling and laughing. In fact I float. I know where I’m at and where I’m heading. What else can I say? So thank you John, so much
Love- Val


I am writing to you to share with you the results of our sessions so far.
Firstly I am relieved of a more recent addiction, that of Gambling. This problem caused so many other stresses and upsets in my life and I could never understand why I continued to do the very thing that was causing so much financial hardship, guilt and grief. After only one session, that problem has disappeared. Or should I say dis-created.
Over the last month so much of my life has improved enormously, I am happier, healthier and enjoying all my relationships more and even seeing people through different eyes. I realised the other day that I am even sleeping really well now and have more energy to perform my tasks during the day. I wake up with a great attitude. This technology is amazing, I am so glad that you made it available to me. Thank you John
With Love, - AM


I had a mace session with Sherrie and I felt really good afterwards. I thought I was dumb and not as smart as my brother. I was having troubles with other girls at school too. After my session, I felt really positive about me and could not even say I was dumb anymore. I could see how me thinking that, was stopping me from doing my work. I realised I was smart and I had different smarts than my brother. Also, I knew I could walk away from the people who were not my real friends without feeling any bad feelings.
- Samantha, QLD
**** within 6 months this young girl got A’s in her report card.


I would like to thank you very much for the help you have given me to have control of my life. Before I had a “Mace Energy Method” session with you I was in pain every day with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Arthritis & Chronic headaches, with some days worse than others. I often got very down and depressed about the pain that was there all the time, it never let up, just burning pain all over my body. It was very debilitating at times, mainly from the Fibromyalgia, which I have suffered from for approx 8 yrs.

I was taking a very strong prescription pain killer called Tramadol, the strongest available is 200 mg, I took the maximum dose every day and now thanks to you and your amazing method I am slowly cutting down on them. As they a Narcotic I have to slowly wean my body off them.

After my sessions with you I feel more alive and aware ! I have not felt so light for many years, it was though all that I had suffered in my life since childhood had been weighing me down which happens to be a major symptom of Fibromyalgia Syndrome, it was like someone was pouring wet cement all over my body. I have not felt this since my sessions!! I am over the moon. I also feel that because I don’t feel weighed down with negative emotions I feel much taller, I feel I want to live life again and with this a great deal of extreme happiness.

Thank you John for assisting me to be in control of my life and live my own dreams.
Kind regards,
- Noelle





MEM had been referred to by Dr. Fred Gallo PhD as the missing link in the field of emotional /mental health.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I consider the Mace Method to be a major advancement in Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Energy Psychology. The method involves no analysis; limited discussion; no tapping, poses, gestures, bodily postures, or muscle testing. Although I’ve been exploring if there is any need to integrate the method with other approaches, I believe it is a stand-alone method that relies simply on mental images and that it generally works faster and deeper than other more complicated therapeutic methods.


And this American Suicide Research Psychiatrist Robert Roerich, M.D wrote after adopting the “Mace Method”


Australian Researcher John Mace’s “Mace Method” advances the effective treatment of emotional illness and heralds a breakthrough of such unparalleled importance to be worthy of a “NOBEL PRIZE.”’


A recent graduate of the Mace Academy, Gloria Arenson, MS, MFT, DCEP, a practicing psychologist wrote:


“The Mace Energy Method looks too good to be true because of its simplicity. However, the rapid positive outcomes amaze and delight my clients. Relationships improve, negative emotions and compulsive urges disappear, and they enjoy a new sense of well-being.”





Excerpts from his book ‘Turning Upsets into Positive Energy’ by John Mace. John Mace spent his early professional life as a Mariner. In 1959, several years after attaining the rank of Captain, he had a profound psychic experience that totally changed him. The last 51 years have been devoted to researching what he experienced.

To purchase this fascinating book as an ebook or audiobook go to





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