Causism Practitioner Training

Imagine being able to assist people to be in charge of their own lives and live their own dreams, through a simple and proven method with guaranteed results and requires no self disclosure.

Whether you are a professional in Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Life Coaching, NLP, EFT, working within Community Organisations supporting and helping others, or simply an individual who wants to be the best you can be and be there to help those around you, there has never been a better time than now to become a Certified Licensed Causism™ Practitioner.

Below are just some of the many benefits of Causism™ Practitioner Training:

  • A simple, but highly effective tool that will superbly compliment your current Mental Health and Wellbeing practice.
  • No previous counselling experience or training required.
  • No equipment required – low start up costs.
  • Your clients will have no need to reveal any personal data or life stories which ultimately makes the process quicker, easier and much more attractive a prospect to them.
  • On-going support from a community of like minded people who have trained before you.
  • A great tool to enable you to continue to help you, your family and even your friends along the way.
  • Great Part or Full-time business opportunity.
  • Four levels of training available – depending on your training needs.
  • Having your very own MEM experience first-hand.
  • Training can be done in your own time frame.
  • Training and technique can be done via skype or phone.
Benefits to your clients:
  • Painless and fast – clients are amazed at how quickly major problems can be resolved.
  • The technique is uncomplicated – easy for the client to follow and participate in.
  • Relatively non-confronting for the client – any tears are of the ‘thank you’ kind.
  • Does not require the client to ‘disclose’ or discuss details about their negative or traumatic experiences.
  • Fast and affective with fewer sessions required than other methods and results are immediate.
  • The process also allows the client to re evaluate the way in which they view themselves resulting in increased self worth and personal ability.

Read client testimonials for the many benefits they have experienced from having a Mace Energy Method session with a Licensed Causism™ Practitioner.




There are two levels of MEM Training offered to people interested in using ,MEM to assist others, and become a certified MEM Counsellor. Please download our training levels and outline HERE.


Training to become a qualified Causism™ Practitioner who can deliver its practical component called the Mace Energy Method is done in academies in several countries, but most importantly, correspondence or distant training is also available. The course comprises 5 modules. The manual contains illustrations to graphically interpret the many abstract and intangible ideas involved. Additionally video and audio sessions by John Mace in sharing lectures and processes to students are included.

In house training is restricted to small groups of three to four, which maximises individual involvement and personalises the training. Correspondence students are of necessity trained individually, but the videoed session and the DVDs , plus there own sessions give them both objective and subjective reality of the model.

As part of the training fee, students receive whatever sessions are necessary to handle anything triggered by the material as well as anything that has been triggered by life and living. This applies to all students, both in house and correspondence. Once enrolled, the very first action for all students is to eliminate any problems, whatsoever, associated with study, training, education or learning, so that they are then totally free of any hang ups that impede the ability to study effectively. As a matter of record, to date not one trainee, some of whom were highly qualified in other disciplines, has been free of some upset or loss to do with previous learning and many had several. Who has never had to learn anything!

The one pre-requisite to training is to have had a full session from a trained practitioner. The reason for this pre-requisite is that the method is so revolutionary there is no other modality with which it can be compared, so a future trainee needs a session to appreciate and understand how it works, in other words to acquire subjective reality. Reading provides objective reality, but no amount of reading will provide the essential subjective reality. From a practical point of view it would be totally unrealistic for someone to help others at a professional level if they themselves lacked personal experience with the material. It would be a case of the blind leading the blind. This aspect is even more important should a practitioner wish to train others. It would then really be a case of the blind leading the blind!

To graduate, a trainee must submit a recorded session to establish competence. In other words, qualification is a hands on affair, to prove that you can really do it.

Causism™ and its practical component the Mace Energy Method gets it power from its simplicity and in keeping with that, the training course has been stripped of any superfluous data. Upon graduation, an extensive archive section is supplied as optional background reading. About 60 hours of student time for the course is average. In house students are scheduled for one day a week, because they need time to assimilate the data. Correspondence trainees set their own schedule with their Trainer.

Contact one of our Causism™ Trainers to get you started on your Causism™ Practitioner Training Program.

  • John Mace, Western Australia, AUS | Founder | EmailWebsite
  • Sherrie Hatfield, Queensland, AUS | Senior International Trainer | EmailWebsite
  • John Avery, Queensland, AUS | Senior Trainer Australia | EmailWebsite
  • Cheryl Ash, Queensland, AUS | Senior Trainer | Email
  • Wendy Edmondson, UK | Senior Trainer | Email

The Causism Institute and The Mace Energy Method has been Nationally and Internationally recognized and endorsed by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists - IICT in the following countries:




The Mace Energy Method Academy is an Approved Training Provider with
the International Association of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

IICT is one of Australia’s leading professional bodies representing practitioners operating within the natural health industry. MEM students and graduates are able to obtain: Full, Associate and Affiliate Membership. Membership provides numerous benefits such as access to discounted Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.


Used by trained MEM Counsellors around the world, the Mace Energy Method is a powerful tool used for emotional healing that is having remarkable effects on peoples lives. It does not involve any self-disclosure and requires only few therapy sessions, which can even be carried out over skype or the telephone.


The Mace Energy Method is a professionally endorsed / recognised complementary therapy by:IICTProfessional Member #0407092873

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