Dear Friends,

Imagine a young man laying on the floor of your waiting room office curled up in a foetal position. Abused and abandoned by family, always the black sheep he often says he wants to kill himself, calls 9-1-1 on an almost daily basis and has gone to jail because of this. Tossed around from mental health centre to centre over thousands of miles, because no one could help him, nor could anyone keep him out of hospital for more than a few days. Some suggested that he was beyond help, an institutionalized person, never to stand on his own two feet again.

Yesterday, he was helped with a Mace Session. The emotions he revealed included hurt and anger. Asked how he felt before the session, he said “angry” How did he feel after session? “Excellent!” He said with a smile. I was not aware before, that he even knew what the word meant, since before hand he had been so low functioning.

He came crawling into the office and walked out like a man. Thank you John Mace.

Regards, Robert Roerich, M.D Research Psychiatrist.


I wish to express my gratitude for the change in my health and well being since my session with you in early July. To give you a little background, I had suffered with Post Natal Depression since my first child was born seven years ago. After my second child was born two and a half years later I was experiencing severe exhaustion, panic attacks and anxiety. I was so bad that I was unable to cope with looking after the children and travelled from Melbourne to Perth , for help, from family, for a month to try and pull myself together. The depression, anxiety and panic attacks continued on and off for the next four years. I have tried everything from psychology, acupuncture, kinesiology and hypnotism to ease my anxiety. After my session with you I felt more confident and calm within. A lot of my anxiety was removed and I feel I can cope with any stressful situation over which I would previously panic. I also notice that my physical health and wellbeing has improved a great deal.

Thank you.

—Sincerely, J.S.


I wish to thank you for the wonderful changes in my life since having that session with you. Over my life I have suffered with depression and anxiety. I’ve tried many modalities to heal and change this condition, which has plagued me; counselling, regression, group therapy, attitudinal healing, breath work, bodywork, psychology, John Bradshaw family therapy and co–dependence. They all helped to some degree but the depression still reared its ugly head. After one session with you the change is so profound that I have decided to train with you and become a practitioner, as it is the only modality that has completely eradicated my depression.

Thank you with all my heart.



A Policeman suffering post traumatic stress, who had not slept nightmare free for 2 years, the result of a shooting incident at work, he had even put a gun in his own mouth to end it all. He said on an International Website “One session of the Mace Method achieved what a long list of anti- psychotics and depressant drugs could not, I NOW SLEEP NIGHTMARE FREE. I once said I would sell my soul for one good night of sleep, I don't have to sell anything, I will be eternally grateful THANK YOU to John’s Mace Method


I have been at my job for over twenty years, but unfortunately had a work related accident, which injured my back; it took a few months before I could return to work. Even though back at work, the injury kept giving me problems, inhibiting my work capacity. After a while work mates and bosses turned on me accusing me of bludging, this caused me great stress. I felt the whole world was against me and I became very cranky, I even resorted to Valium for help. After one session of the Mace Method all the stress went. Now I just go to work do and enjoy my job. I no longer use Valium nor do I react to others comments. Also, I have not had a cranky day since. The big bonus is that when the stress feelings went my back stopped giving me problems.



As an example a case history comes to mind of a very qualified experienced nurse who came feeling very stressed and ready to resign her position. It appears the Matron of the hospital was very stressed and had the habit of unfairly picking on her staff, being very critical, nothing was ever good enough; the whole environment was negative and upset. A week or so after this nurse had her "Mace Method" session, she rang back, very happy, her stress had gone. She reported that in the week after she had been here the Matron had not only not picked on her once, she had hardly spoken to her, leaving her free to once again enjoy her job. The nurse sad "I am not leaving my job because of her crankiness, that's her problem, I love my job."



Thanks for the great phone session, I came face to face with my ex partner this week. Usually I am very upset and it lasts for a few days, this time I could hardly believe it. The meeting had absolutely no effect on me, I feel so much stronger now.

Thanks again, W – Victoria


I came home from work to find an empty home. My family was gone. I was overwhelmed with shock; I drank to bury the overwhelming feelings. I lost interest in my life and I could not go to work. I could not handle the overwhelming feelings of losing my family. A work mate told me about MEM, I was so bad I had nothing more to lose. I cannot tell you how much it has changed my attitude. It was simply amazing to walk out of that one session with no overwhelming feelings and not tell my story. I feel more self respect and confident. I had not realized how down I was on myself and how it affected my work and relationships. I don’t feel clouded anymore, I think clearly. I am no longer negative about myself or my life. I am handling my situation with a whole new attitude. Even my mates have commented on my change. I am now rebuilding myself and my life ready to live my potential, something I had never seen before my session. Thank you, it has changed my life more forever

M. E Machine Operator QLD


Everything was getting on top of me; I was ready to end it. I was stressed, I reacted with anger to everything and everybody and I was drinking more and gambling to find some escape. This caused my family and co-workers to suffer the effects. Having heard of MEM, but being sceptical, I decided to have a session. I was so surprised to find it was an emotional and head clearing experience. My attitude towards life, my job and family has changed. I no longer felt depressed with thoughts to end it all. I no longer react with anger to situations, nor do I find the need to drink as much or to gamble. It has turned my life around; I feel I am me again. Even close friends have noticed the turnaround. Being a very to myself man, I would not talk about my problems, I carried them inward. I found the non-disclosure of MEM a blessing. I did not have to mention my troubles, my private life or any person or incident. I strongly recommend MEM to all it really works. Thank you Sherrie, I am now more outgoing and happy in all areas of my life.

PAUL BRAGG NQ Site Supervisor for RCG Constructions QLD


I would like to thank you for your assistance in my MEM session. My work was becoming increasingly stressful, to the point where I was having relationship problems, health problems and sleep problems due to constantly thinking about work. Instantly, after eliminating the feelings of stress in my session, I also realised that work is not my whole life and is only a part of my life. I have also slept every night since the session. I made time with my wife and I have handled the demands of my role and job with more attention, more clarity and more calmness. Simply a-macing!

PS: I have to say, the non self disclosure and not having to talk about it was the greatest asset. From my old male attitude, I could finally address the stress and agitations in my life, and with only 2 sessions. I saved a lot of time, money and my relationship. Thank you again.

Darren. H. Industries Supervisor QLD


Thanks for a wonderful session and experience today. I feel somehow different, lighter, wiser, and calmer, in harmony. I feel that I am practicing expression of my true self most of the time or maybe I could say, all the time.

Anyway, I had a wonderful day and this afternoon in one of my "phone counselling" that I often do, I had an incredible experience. No more doubting voices about myself, distracting me. I could listen easily and I liked how I worked with my client.

I don't remember if I ever felt this way before, at least with the intensity that I am feeling right now. I LOVE WHO I AM and I LOVE MY LIVE. I WOULDN'T WANT TO BE ANYONE ELSE AND I WOULDN'T WANT TO HAVE ANYONE ELSE'S LIFE. I LOVE ME!!!!!!

With love and gratitude,
Dr M.B PhD


From a lady who had been sexually abused from age three to eight years of age. All my life I felt guilty and as a result I thought I had to pretend to be whatever others wanted me to be. After my "Mace Method" session, I felt light and free and all my guilt feelings were gone. I regained the lovely feeling of innocence. Before my session I kept my body covered, long sleeve dresses etc. Now I wear what I like. I am not inhibited in any way. The" Mace Method" is the best thing I have ever done. I am free to be me now." -



An eight year having trouble at school with writing.

When asked to write anything, whether at home, school or with his tutor, Jake would resist and complain, as well as behave differently. He would lose focus and attention and get irritable. With other areas of his learning, he was attentive and joined in happily.

His tutor told his mother about MEM and Jake agreed to have a session. He enjoyed the simple exercises and within 45 mins he was brighter and happier. His tutor then asked him to write a letter to thank me and he happily got a piece of paper and wrote a beautiful thank you letter. His tutor was so surprised at his eagerness and joyful response. What was more of a surprised to her, was Jake was holding his pencil correctly. This had been one of the major difficulties he was experiencing as part of his learning to write. When his mother arrived, Jake was very proud in telling and showing his mother what he had written. His change in behaviour whilst having to write was noticed instantly at school and at home and Jake now happily continues to write with ease and eagerness, and as his tutor says, humorous expression.

Tanya H
School Teacher and Private Tutor


I was feeling angry all the time and was getting into trouble at home and school. I had a MEM session and it was amazing how good I felt. I didn’t feel angry anymore, I just felt lighter and a whole lot more positive about myself.



I had a mace session and I felt really good afterwards. I thought I was dumb and not as smart as my brother. I was having troubles with other girls at my school. After my session, I felt really positive about me and could not even say I was dumb anymore. I could see how me thinking that, was stopping me from doing my work. I was smart and I had different smarts than my brother. Also, I knew I could walk away from the people who were not my real friends without feeling any bad feelings.



Used by trained MEM Counsellors around the world, the Mace Energy Method is a powerful tool used for emotional healing that is having remarkable effects on peoples lives. It does not involve any self-disclosure and requires only few therapy sessions, which can even be carried out over skype or the telephone..


The Mace Energy Method is a professionally endorsed / recognised complementary therapy by:IICTProfessional Member #0407092873



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